Pink Panther Cake

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pink panther cake

17 eggs
1kg of dark chocolate


Whisk 5 egg yolks with 2 eggs. When it is whisked add 100 grams melted
dark chocolate and whisk it slowly. Cover bottom of pan with baking
paper and bake it shortly at 200 degrees. When it’s almost dry we’ll
take crust out. As we need 3 crusts - this procedure will be repeated
3 times.

Whisk 15 egg whites, especially 1L whisk cream. Combine all and add
700 grams melted dark chocolate and 300 gr milled and chopped hazelnut
(milled:chopped -> 2:1)1st
crust, over crust filling
2nd crust, over crust filling 3rd crust, over crust

Put it in fridge to be tightened enough. After that we can add
decoration. In this case it will be used whipped cream.