Decorating Cake Fondant - how to easy decorate cake

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decorated cake fondant


12 eggs
500 grams butter
250 grams icing sugar
400 grams ground biscuit
200 grams milka chocolate (white)
200 grams milka chocolate (black - Alpine milk)
200 ml milk


Whisk 12 eggs
Especially 500gr whisk butter with icing sugar 250gr
Combine these two and add ground biscuits 400gr

cake fondant modle
Mass split into two identical parts
in 1st add 200 grams of melted milka chocolate (white)
in 2nd add 200 grams of melted milka chocolate (black - Alpine milk)

Cover bottom of pan with foil and put it inside 1st white cream and over it a 2nd black cream.
When finished on top add biscuit immersed in milk.

Leave it in the fridge to spend the night (or wait a few hours to be tightened) and flip it on plate.

Than you can decorate it as you wish. Decoration of this cake is done with white fondant which is colored to navy color.

All this (see picture) is done without cake decorating courses :)

Decoration with fondant:
When cake is finished – tightened enough in fridge we are ready to decorate it.

1st Whisk butter and icing sugar – and we’ll get cream with purpose to overlaid complete cake. Cover any unevenness with very thin layer. If some not finished and noticed that time is passing by - cake is worming up. Than we'll put it in fridge again, continue again when it is cold enough. Repeat this procedure until you get the perfect flat surface.

2nd Prepare fondant
Knead fondant to until it becomes soft. Split fondant on 2 peaces in order to make 2 colors.
Every peace take with clean hands and add color till become color that was planed.

    Bigger peace – prepared with navy color will be used to cover complete cake

    Smaller peace will stay white

3rd When cake is cold enough again, we'll put fondant
    Bigger peace to cover complete cake
    and use small peaces from picture